Tingkat - Hawkers


Asia’s colourful variety of food carriers include lunchboxes, bento sets, banana leaves, and none other than the classic tingkat. These cylindrical multi-layered tin cans originated from India, and now are widely used across Asia to transport hot meals. Studio Juju’s softly curving silouhettes and autumnal colours lend a refined simplicity to Supermama’s elegant reinterpretation of the tingkat.


Nothing encapsulates the feeling of a dilemma as well as stepping into a hawker centre does. From fragrant nasi lemak, mouthwatering char kway teow to tender mutton curry, bustling hawker centres that dot the island are the true culinary gems of Singapore.

Product Information:

  • Size: (D) 13cm (H) 8cm
  • Designer: Nikkei

Quality Of Product:

Porcelain is a medium where colour variation is a natural occurring feature of reactive, speckled, matte and cobalt-blue glazed finishing. Irregularities in glaze and texture should be celebrated as a mark of the artist's hand. Therefore, each piece is unique and has a handcrafted element to it.


  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan