Chacha Enamel Pin


Happy World was one of three amusement parks built in Singapore before World War II from the 1920s to the 1960s. It was a favourite destination for Singaporeans of all ages where it featured a variety of entertainment, including cabaret, operas, movies, gaming, fun rides, and shopping. Inspired by this destination, Supermama presents a new Happy World where our beloved elephant and hippopotamus (in our original logo) are personified into characters, and where they together with their group of animal friends have a whale of fun at the theme park. Happy World by Supermama is a reminder to all to let your hair down and have fun this holiday season!


Best friends with Bobo. He likes to sneak into the Happy World Boxing Showdowns, but always gets frightened and leaves halfway. Loves going to watch the wayang shows. He knows a lot of general trivia, but still gets bad grades.