Altruistic Alphabet Porcelain - Grace


Altruistic Alphabet Porcelain Collection from Supermama

Designed in collaboration with TOUCH SpecialCrafts, the Altruistic Alphabet Porcelain Collection is part of the S for Social initiative by Supermama. These porcelain plates feature designs crafted by artists with intellectual disabilities; part of the sale proceeds will go to the participating artist or social service organisations. Each plate is hand-crafted by artisans in Arita, the celebrated birthplace of porcelain in Japan.

These decorative plates are stamped with lettering in gold leaf, which represent social values that include integrity, thoughtfulness, sensitivity and loyalty based on the Altruistic Alphabet chart contributed by Lanzavecchia + Wai; the lettering on each plate can also be individually customised. These food-safe plates come with a display stand each, and may be used as decor items.

Product Information:

  • Size: (D) 25.5cm Flat Plate
  • Designer: Supermama | Touch SpecialCrafts

Quality Of Product:

Porcelain is a medium where colour variation is a natural occurring feature of reactive, speckled, matte and cobalt-blue glazed finishing. Irregularities in glaze and texture should be celebrated as a mark of the artist's hand. Therefore, each piece is unique and has a handcrafted element to it.


  • Made in Japan