Milan Icons (15cm Porcelain Plate)


Milan Icons

The Milan Icons collection is an array of blue and white porcelain wares which considers the interconnectedness of our social world. While the pandemic disrupted the way we travel, the collection attempts to show how cross-cultural collaboration can still take place with technology.

Inspired by the motifs and icons of the city, Supermama gives Milan a version of its own: fresh, original and creative, telling it through the symbols that characterize it such as the michetta, panettone, the metro, the inevitable Madonnina and others more or less known to discover.

The icons, drawn in cobalt blue on the precious white Japanese porcelain.

Product Information:

  • Designed:  Nikkei

Each set comprises of :

    • 15 cm Porcelain Plate 
    • An Authenticity Card
    • Packaging Box

Quality Of Product:

Porcelain is a medium where colour variation is a natural occurring feature of reactive, speckled, matte and cobalt-blue glazed finishing. Irregularities in glaze and texture should be celebrated as a mark of the artist's hand. Therefore, each piece is unique and has a handcrafted element to it.


  • Plates come with Magnetic Cardboard Packaging Box
  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan